Wicani Wrenee Dessard, born 26 March 2002 to Rickwood Zulu Warrior x Wicani Sophia L'Wren

MDR1 +/+   DM n/n  CEA clinically clear


Mistress was the foundation that relaunched the dynasty of the famous Wicani kennel, mother of the fabulous Wicani What's New Pussycat and Wicani Nighthawk and the famous Therapet, Wicani Blues For The Muse.


I fell in love with Mistress many years ago and wanted her for my own, after many years of trying to get her, my dear friend Angela Harvey eventually relented and Mistress came home with me at the age of seven. 


Mistress and her gentle confident nature with her magical touch became my best friend and my first ever Therapet as we ventured together into canine therapy and discovered a calling and a second nature to it.  Together, we trained in autism awareness, phobia therapy and canine therapy with dementia patients and also with the NHS Psychotherapy Team with mental health patients. 


Mistress has a legacy and a legend of her very own and I have never loved a dog, like I love The Mistress...